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Kites for Learning: Free Resources

​here are some of my draft "kites for learning" Resource sheets

 - they are offered to schools FREE of charge.

If you do use them -please let me know how it went and if I need to amend anything.

for information on kite workshops in Primary schools click here

for information on kite workshops in Secondary schools click here

for workshops in Special schools click here ( coming soon)

for kite training sessions for teachers and other staff click here

Kite Safety

  • how to keep safe when flying kites

  • a draft risk assessment

Kites and Flight

  • A few facts about kites and flight

  • building mending and testing kites


  • What 'knot' to use for kite making

  • larkshead knot and pull through loop

Planning a kite day or project

  • Planning Whole School Kite Project /Day

  • Planning a Kite Workshop Primary

  • Notes for teachers - making kites

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