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Banners and flags for hire

We can supply a range of banners in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes.

  • Streamers in bright red, leaf green or white

  • Gold banners with red edge

  • Lace /Teabag banners

  • Gold Lame Banners

  • Silver lame / lace edged banners

  • Tree banners

click on the images for more information about each banner style............

Most of these banners are designed to fit to a telescopic pole (fibreglass fishing type pole)  or a pro-pole which extends to 5m or 6m length.

Most of the banners are designed to be used outdoors.

  • Indoors you would need a weighted base (like they use outside garages or at events)

  • Outdoors you can hammer a 900mm long metal stake one third into softish ground, grass or sand. The telescopic pole is hollow and sits directly over the remaining 2/3 (approx 600mm) of metal ground stake.


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How do banners work?

Banners and flags are basically pieces of cloth which operate with the wind. If you fix them at all four corners they will become like a sail and try to pull something along with them! So a banner or flag is generally only fixed along one side (the leading edge) and sometimes also along the top if there is a yardarm. This helps the banner to hang well even when there is no wind, so you can see the whole design. A curved pole does the same job but the banner needs to be designed to fit the curvature of the pole exactly.

Banners can be attached to long bamboo poles - often with a yardarm, or on extendable fibreglass fishing poles which are easier to store and transport. Usually the banner is designed to fit one type or the other. The pole is then placed onto a stake so that it can swivel in the wind and not get tangled. poles can be attached to fencing using cable ties and tape but they are more likely to get twisted as they will not be free to follow the wind direction if it changes.

Typical hire methods

We have a range of banners and poles for hire and dry-hire. If you want us to install the banners, we will arrive with banners, poles and stakes, install and remove on completion.

If you want to hire the banners and put them up yourself we will send you a package with banners, poles and stakes included. We provide instruction on setting up the banners and on how to de-rigg and pack them away. You will then return them to us in the pack supplied. Postage is included in the hire cost. Prices vary according to type of banner and are available on application. contact



some of the banners available for hire

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