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Kite Workshops: secondary

Kites can help to bring people together and can be the channel for learning and communication between different ages and different cultures. We can supply kite making workshops in schools, youth groups, community groups, with older people, and in Family Learning Projects. A typical kitemaking workshop will lasts one to two hours resulting in everyone in the group making a simple kite. Whole day or half day  sessions can be arranged involving more complicated construction work. 

Sessions can be targeted to suit a variety of ages and abilities. – Secondary:

Infinite Kites can provide kite-making workshops as follows:

  • Kite Artist to lead 1-2 hour kite making sessions with one class ( up to 30 pupils)

  • Kite artist to lead full day investigation linked to maths, science or DT   

  • Kite artist to lead training for teachers. Training the trainers.

  • kites, wind and forces, 

  • kites angles and altitude, 

  • kites and symmetry

  • design and make a kite

Possible kitemaking workshop plan

The total time for a kite-making workshop will depend on a number of variables including the age and abilities of the children, and the type of kite being made. The example shown here making a circoflex kite with year 7/8 pupils would take a full day, and would include general learning about flight and kites -

Sample circoflex  kite - full day workshop to make  shared circoflex kite

  • Brief introduction to kites and kite making 

  • Introduction to the circoflex, discussion about flight, forces

  • Divide into group to make several kites, allocate tasks within group

  • work out measurements to suit length of fibreglass available

  • Kite making 

  • Decorative work on kite sail 

  • Kite making again and bridling

  • Discussion on safety 

  • Flying out of doors - testing flying mending –  35 mins

  • evaluation

However -  simpler kites could be made in a 1-2 hr session or a half day. It's best for us to discuss your needs and we can agree a programme to suit them.

Sample half day timetable

  • Brief introduction to kites and kite making – 15 mins

  • Kite making 45 mins

  • Decorative work on kite sail 15 mins

  • Discussion on safety 15 mins

  • Flying out of doors - testing flying mending –  35 mins

Design and build: A kite project could focus on designing and building a kite based on existing patterns and techniques but adapting them to create a new and unique product. 

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