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This project is designed to allow schools operating during lockdown and practising social distancing to undertake a kite-making session in school. The sessions will be led by a specialist kite maker, on-screen via Zoom or other platform. All the necessary materials will be supplied by Infinite Arts either in one pack for the teacher to disperse or if required, in separate bags for each pupil taking part. The bags are packed well in advance and will be delivered to the school in a box. 


The session starts with an introduction online by the kite maker ( Pauline Taylor) and hopefully the pupils will have time to introduce themselves too. We then go on to run an instructed session where the kite maker will help pupils to check what’s in their pack and will then demonstrate each step of the instructions. The two-way on-screen interface will allow pupils to ask questions as we go along and approach the screen if they need to bring their kite into view of the camera for assistance. The kite maker will then be able to respond directly to their particular query.

An alternative method can utilise a pre-made video of the kite-making process which will allow the teacher to pause the instructions as required during the day.


This project generally takes a couple of hours from start to finish and can easily be done within a morning session or an afternoon. The group could take a break for playtime as required and come back on line afterwards.


Each child ends up with a kite of their own which will actually fly. In the current situation, it may be preferably to retain the kites in school and allow the children to use them only when they have access to your playing field, since it might not be appropriate to take a kite to a park during lockdown.


The pack for each pupil will contain all that is needed with the exception of scissors which should be available in school. We can supply a small sellotape dispenser for each child if they are not able to share equipment. Alternatively we can supply a batch of dispensers to share one between 2 pupils.  Access to a dispenser greatly helps pupils to get the making done

The teacher will also receive a pack and will be able to work alongside the children.

There will be a number of spare items supplied in case needed.


All packs would be made up several days in advance of use, to ensure that they are not transmitting the Corona Virus and can be delivered to the school before they are to be needed again so that the box can be stored a day or two if required.


Each child’s pack will contain -

1 x ready cut diamond kite shape

4 x bamboo sticks  (includes 2 spares)

4 x strips of plastic for tails

1 x small piece of card with hole punched in

1 x length of yarn (like wool)

2 x small pieces of sticky backed plastic to decorate the kite

1 x sticky tape / sellotape on a dispenser 


Each child will need a pair of scissors 



The cost for a Kite Making Virtual Visit to school would be £300 plus materials - and kite packs per pupil are charged at around £4 per pupil for a diamond kite pack. eg £120 for a class of 30.


Please get in touch if you have any queries, want to discuss options or would like to make a booking.

if you are ready to have an artist visiting school for real - please click the link below for info.


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