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Kites and training for teachers

Working with kites can seem like a daunting challenge - a kite is something everyone seems to know a little about but most people (adults included) dont seem to know where to start to actually make and fly one. As a learning tool, it can offer opportunity to include pupils who find it hard to engage with other types of learning. Kites can be used to invole pupils of different ages working together or to bring in parents and the wider community to learn together or share knowledge.

Many aspects of the curriculum can be covered through kites:

  • Maths: symmetry, scale, measurement

  • Science: gravity, forces

  • History through kites 

  • Literacy: reading and writing about kites and flying

  • Recycling: using unwanted materials to make kites

  • Cross generational learning

  • Critical thinking, problem solving

  • Global/International – one sky one world

  • Outdoor learning

  • Healthy activity to suit all ages

Although we and other kitemakers can provide kitemaking workshops in schools, funding is not always available in school for these, and teachers may simply need some training and some resources to get started themselves using kites for learning.

Our training courses can be designed around your particular needs and can run for a full day, a half day or a twilight session.

Course Aims

  • Provide a range of practical ideas for kite activities related to Science, Maths and Art and Design.

  • Explore strategies for good practice which ensure progression and coverage.

  • Provide ideas for effective medium term planning of a creative unit based around kites.

This course aims to provide participants with an opportunity to gain knowledge, insight and understanding which will enable them to plan for project work using kites. The projects can be designed to support problem solving and investigation skills and can focus on independent learning or group activity.

Participants will be introduced to practical approaches for carrying out kite making activities and will develop an awareness of links to other areas of the curriculum that could be explored.

Appropriate reference will be made throughout the course to safety and risk assessment planning.

Participants will have the opportunity to access practical resources through the course and will leave with several kites they have made and a pack of instruction sheets for future use.

The course can be designed to suit Primary, Secondary or Special School staff.


TIRAMISU kite and Creativity training for teachers

For a report on our Tiramisu training for teachers in Creative Partnerships London West click here. This 2 day training was aimed at developing creative thinking and learning

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