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Pauline Taylor:

kite artist profile


Pauline Taylor is a kite maker with an international reputation, who receives invitations to fly her kites at events around Europe each year. Many of her kites are based on an architectural theme with Greek temples, Roman columns and Italianate churches. She also runs workshops for adults and young people in particular focusing on developing a creative approach and making kites from recycled and everyday materials.


Having trained as a painter and sculptor at Sunderland University for several years, Pauline subsequently worked with Sunderland Council as an arts officer where her responsibilities included co-ordinating the Sunderland International Kite Festival.


In 1994 Pauline developed The European Air Gallery project for Sunderland City Council. with European funding and sponsorship from Air UK. This involved commissioning artists from different European countries to paint EDO style kites which were flown to form a gallery in the sky. The European Air Gallery is still flying but is now owned and maintained by the North East Kite Fliers. 


Pauline started kite making in 1995 when she realised that she could combine visual arts skills with designing, sewing and painting and could learn about kites along the way. As she visited various kite festivals with the European Air Gallery, she saw that many kitefliers carried a wide range of kites with something for almost every wind condition. She decided to make a delta and her first kite was based on the mock Greek Temple of Penshaw Monument. She went on to develop a range of painted kites with an architectural theme but more recently has been exploring new materials using thin voiles and feathers. She has been invited in recent years to kite festivals in France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Sicily, Luxembourg, Austria, Malaysia and Qatar.

Pauline Taylor: kite images - photos by P Taylor unless otherwise stated

  • Penshaw: photo by S Hoath

  • Coliseum Circoflex

  • stone bridge

  • Durham Column 

  • Gold Leaf

  • Santa Maria Novella

  • jellyfish

  • iona window

  • moth

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