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Kites and the Curriculum: Kites for Learning

Kites can be a channel for learning and communication between different ages and different cultures.  There is opportunity for action research alongside traditional research and study of the subject. Much of the learning can take place out of doors and it will have happened before the learners have realised they are learning. 

Many aspects of the curriculum can be covered through kites:

  • Kites for Learning Maths: symmetry, scale, measurement

  • Kites for Learning Science: gravity, forces

  • Kites for Learning History through kites 

  • Kites for Learning Literacy: reading and writing about kites and flying

  • Kites for Learning Recycling: using unwanted materials to make kites

  • Cross generational learning

  • Critical thinking, problem solving

  • Global/International – one sky one world

  • Outdoor learning

  • Healthy activity to suit all ages

We can provide kitemaking workshops in schools, training for staff, kite making kits, risk assessment advice

In a recent Kites and Maths project in New Hartley First School, teacher Pete Sturrs commented that during the 2 day project, his year 4 pupils had learned more maths in the two days than the curriculum requires them to cover in a year.


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Learning Maths through Kites video - click link to view on vimeo

The project is also featured on the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics website 

What can we achieve?

  • To encourage young people to work outdoors 

  • To think creatively and to work together

  • To support teachers in recognising and nurturing creativity

  • To enrich personal and creative development

  • To work without known or predicted outcomes

  • For each person to design and make something uplifting that can fly

for information on kite workshops in Primary schools click here

for information on kite workshops in Secondary schools click here

for workshops in Special schools click here ( coming soon)

for kite training sessions for teachers and other staff click here

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