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infinite arts

Infinite Arts is an arts consultancy working throughout North East England bringing together a variety of skills and experience to support the arts in education.

our vision is

  • to raise awareness of the arts and the value of participation in arts activities,

  • to develop and support new initiatives that encourage and nurture creativity,

  • to provide a reliable and responsive creative arts service to a wide community.

We believe that we are all learners and we can all be teachers. If we learn to recognise and nurture creativity in ourselves and in others, we will help to create an atmosphere in which imagination can flourish instead of being stifled.

Director: Pauline Taylor.

We work with a variety of consultants on different projects

Infinite Arts is based at Studio Infinite

You can view some of our work on vimeo

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what we do

schools workshops

silk painting

community workshops

training opportunities

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