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Upcycling is making something out of nothing


Upcycling is finding a new use for something that you thought you were finished with


It’s part of the cycle of recycling…. remodelling things you have at home to make new products – re-use, re-cycle, upcycle! We can look again at items we have finished with and recognise their value as source material for new projects - reusing and giving new life to resources rather than sending them to landfill. Here are just a few things we can upcycle into new things.


Tee shirts – Make something out of your old tee shirts

Tee cosy, bags, tee roses, Baby bandit bibs, Baby dresses, Hats, bathmats


Socks - what you can do with old socks

Jubbly juggly bags, Doll’s clothes, Sock puppets


Plastic bottles and cups  - things to make with plastic bottles and cups 

Lights  - domelights, sparkle balls

Windmills, wind garden  - from bottles and bags

Flowers – from yoghurt pots, cups and bits and pieces 

 Collaged picture frames, Colourful beads

Magazines, maps and wrapping paper


Some definitions to help us:


reduce,   - use less of something

re-use    - use the same thing again and again

re-cycle  - Reduce the item to its core materials and process to make them suitable for re-use in a new manufacture

renovate  - make something like new again

repair - Fix something again for its original purpose, make do and mend

revamp - give something a bit of an upgrade – re vitalise or refurbish 

re purpose - To change the use of an item

remake- Make something again - Make into something else - clothing

renew - To restore

repair   - to restore to a good or sound condition after decay or damage;  to mend:

refresh - to make fresh again; reinvigorate

restore - to bring back to a former, original, or normal condition, as a building, statue, or painting.

revive - Bring something back to life

upcycle  - re-purposes the item and creates new meaning and new use for the same materials.

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