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What's on offer - Silk Painting for schools

Infinite Arts can offer workshops in schools to cover a variety of subjects. Costs are usually based on a starting fee of £300 for an artist to run a full day of workshops in your school. Travel and material costs may need to be added to the total.


Silk Painting workshops: Primary and Secondary

We can offer half day or full day workshops painting on silk. These can work equally well with primary or secondary pupils and can be targetted to any age starting with Nursery and foundation through to Y9. 


Here are a few examples:

Mock Silk bunting - 

Non toxic inks can be dabbed on using a brush or direct from the pot to make abstract colourful bunting. Traditional triangular bunting can be premade using China silk (which needs to be hot cut to avoid fraying). This type of bunting lends itself well to an abstract approach using the pots of ink direct onto the fabric – making dots and watching them expand. Over-painting techniques can be developed working back into wet ground or waiting till it dries a little to get different effects.

Early years children find this process quite engrossing. It's probably best done with a small group of 5 or 6 pupils at a time around a table. Each group takes about 20 mins to do their triangles and then moves on.

Small individual silk flags / hankies – painted. 

These can be silk or china silk – using the same non toxic ink. Older children can create images on paper and then tape these under the silk square, trace over with gold pens or gutta pens and then paint with silk paints. Small silk hankies can be bought ready hemmed. These can be sewn together as bunting or attached to flower sticks as flags, providing a project for two different year groups

Silk Banner- hand painted. 

Banners can be made from silk or china silk, painted with non toxic silk ink. the process involves designing together on paper then laying the silk over the finished design, outlining using gutta or gold pens, then colouring using silk ink.

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