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Aeolian Music Workshops at Oxclose School 2008

Led by Robert Valkenburg – Aeolian artist and kitemaker for Infinite Arts.

Pupils from Oxclose School in Washington, Sunderland worked with Robert Valkenburg from Holland and Andy Wright and Andy McDermott from the North East, to make junk musical instruments. Some of them are played by the wind like the Aeolian tin can harp which was displayed on the school field before being taken to the international kite festival.

At the end of the project in Oxclose, Robert Valkenburg said to the pupils:

“I really enjoyed working with you all. It's been different to the workshops I normally do and although some of you were a bit sceptical at first – but as you see it came out well and you all had fun – so thank you.”

“The most important thing today is that you’ve looked at everyday objects in a different way. Normally you throw a bottle cap in the bin – but now you’ve used it to make instruments and jewellery and even musical jewellery.”

Andy MCDermott said to the pupils:
“I was impressed by what you came up with. I wondered what we would make with some of this junk but your ideas and solutions were great. The clanger made from a steering wheel lock - so simple and yet so beautiful – with a fantastic sound.”

Andy Wright said to the pupils:
“I was really impressed with everybody’s enthusiasm. People came up with some very creative ideas and it was a really good creative atmosphere.”


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